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Venezuelan Visual Artist Mafe Izaguirre Exhibited her Work in NYC


March 12th, 2018.- The Venezuelan talent continues to expand all borders. This time, the Venezuelan visual artist Mafe Izaguirre will exhibit her proposal "The Emotion Machine" in the collective sample called "State of Being". This is a Pop-up display exhibited at the Gallery Chinatown Soup in New York City. 

Izaguirre showed her work together to six other artists. Her "Emotion Machine" pretended to touch the audience regarding the existence of machines that can experience feelings. This work portrays the still unknown world of the Artificial Intelligence, through her prototype based on the book and ideas by the AI father, Marvin Minsky, under the same name.
This work questions the possibility of machines able to feel the way human beings do. "I believe that machines limit the mind, the senses and the awareness. My obsession is the mind as a mechanism, and the possibility that they might feel the way a human being does. If a human emulates the mind through an Artificial Intelligence, Why not also the emotional part?", the Venezuelan visual artist radicated in NYC since year 2016 said.
Izaguirre's work was exhibited from March 08th to 11th at the Gallery Chinatown Soup in New York City.

From Visual to Cyber
Mafe Izaguirre's work is essentially focused on representing the artificial mind through artistic pieces she herself describes as "useless machines". The only aim is questioning and problematizing the spectator. 
Making this work possible required acquiring knowledge in robotics. For this reason, Aguirre moved to New York aimed at learning the techniques and formation in the cybernetic area at The Cooper Union, aimed at being able to create the sensitive machines she began to conceive in year 2005. 

Mafe Izaguirre explores the human mind and the AI, through hardware and software, light and color, soul and mind works and installations. She questions the spectator on the perspective of a future that is already present. 
The artist not only thinks of her work from a technical and expressive point of view, but also from the commitment arising from the Venezuelan diaspora, the Hispanic minorities and the female gender. 
"This is just the beginning of a long journey to understand how the mental activities and mind work from the perspective of the machine", Mafe Izaguirre states on her own work. She affirms that one of her main goals is to be able to exhibit her work in Venezuela. 

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